Astro Palm Numero: A Beginner's Guide to Divination

From Ancient India, the three main spheres of fortune telling are still being read today. Everyone asks where do I start? Astro-Palm-Numero explains all the basic details with finesse, and gives a proper introductory start for both experts and beginners alike in the domains of Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology.

Astro Palm Numero

About the Author: Nisar Sufi is an underrepresented author from South Asia who is currently fully employed as a content writer in his home country. He has 11 years of experience as a fortune-teller and is currently ranked 3rd in Pakistan in the Palmistry Rankings on Fiverr. Simply search “Know Thy Future” in any search engine and you will come across his many fortune-telling related endeavors including his Fiverr Profile, YouTube Channel, Articles on Divination, etc. Astro-Palm-Numero is his first book on his favorite subject.

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