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Island on the Fate Line

If there is an island somewhere on your Fate Line it does not bode well for your future. It indicates that your destiny is in the grip of unpropitious forces. There is some trouble ahead. You may fail to achieve targets and your hopes and plans might become frustrated. All steps to resolve your problems may prove unsuccessful. There may be some financial or physical loss, or your domestic life maybe at stake because of one or the other reason. On the hand of a married woman such a mark denotes a threat to her matrimonial life, while on the hand of a male it usually signifies severe financial crisis or the loss of a job. Intrigues or conspiracies of rivals are likely to endanger his career leading to demotion, suspension, or dismissal. The island is definitely a negative sign denoting a multiplicity of problems. Agonies and worries may, at times, drive its owner to believe that they are born under an unlucky star. Their faith in themselves and their destiny might become badly shaken. Th