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Broken Fate Line

If your Fate Line is being intersected by a strong line or lines coming from the Lower Mount of Mars, it is undoubtedly a very negative mark denoting misfortune intercepting success, which may either be delayed or hindered. All such lines crossing from the Lower Mars area are enemy lines. They represent worries, impediments, created by man or circumstances, in the attainment of one's wishes and desires. Beware! The path you have chosen for yourself is fraught with troubles. You have to be meticulously careful at every step. It may be better to retrace your steps, as there are black holes in the way. You may fail to reach your destination. If you are planning to embark upon a new business venture do not be hasty or you would risk losing your money as well as your goodwill. Think before you leap. It would be advisable if you could seek help and guidance from some competent person and wait for a more opportune time. In case you intend to enter into partnership, let there be a well-dra