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Meaning of the Mount of Jupiter

The fleshly elevation located just beneath the first finger is known as the mount of Jupiter. If it is well-developed, with an apex in the center and the first finger almost equal to the middle, it indicates that you are Jupiterian and are likely to have the following psychological traits: By nature you are very ambitious, restless and enthusiastic person, aspiring to reach the top, win power, prestige and status in whatever walk of life you belong to. You are a born leader, and by dint of your brilliant leadership attributes and charismatic personality, you would ultimately forge your way to a position of prominence in trade, business, politics, religion, art, literature or sports. If simultaneously, you happen to possess a strong, unbending thumb along with this mount, you possess an inordinate desire to command, and exert authority over others as a ruler, administrator or bureaucrat. To satiate this thirst for power, you may use all possible means, fair or foul. Along with this if y

Meaning of the Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is located just beneath the middle finger. If well-developed, with a centrally located apex and the middle finger pretty long, it indicates that you possess the following Saturnian traits: You are a future-oriented person with your eyes focused primarily on tomorrow rather than on today. Like a mature person, you tend to postpone the gratification of present needs and wishes to the future with a view to gain lasting happiness rather than momentary joy. Quite in consonance with the aforementioned characteristic, there is a great love in you for accumulating wealth. Instead of being extravagant, you tend to lay in for rainy days, perhaps, because of some unconscious hidden insecurity. Anyhow, this is a mark of wisdom,  prudence and foresight and not a negative trait unless driven to extreme.Along with this, if you have a brilliant line of destiny climbing up this mount, you will make adequate provisions for the future, and have no cause to worry in old age. You are a

Meaning of the Mount of Apollo

The mount of Apollo or Sun located just beneath the ring finger, if well-developed with centrally located apex and the ring finger almost equal to the middle, indicates that you are Apollonian in character, and are likely to manifest the following psychological traits: You are a happy-go-lucky person; full of life and charm. Unlike the Saturnian, you love to live in the present and seek immediate gratification of your desires instead of postponing them to the future. Being basically optimistic, hopeful and lively, you tend to enjoy life and make other people happy too. You radiate happiness, disseminate joy and laughter wherever you go. Pleasure principle rather than reality principle governs your life and actions. You are a much sought after person in a social function or friendly gathering. With your sharp comments, lively remarks, smashing repartees, you can change a gloomy atmosphere into that of a fun fair. You are an excellent mimic. Whether you are a creative artist or not, you

Meaning of the Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury located beneath the little finger, if fairly elevated and well-developed with the centrally located apex and the little finger reaching up to the first phalange of the ring finger, indicates that you are Mercurian and possess some very positive and some very negative personality traits as listed below: As the name suggests, you have Mercurian temperament, extremely restless, dynamic, active and mobile. Like Mercury, you are always on the move and cannot remain in one place, situation or mental state. You love speed, change progress and action, and are, mentally and physically, smart and agile. You cannot sit idle, and are always up to one thing or another. You are a keen student of human nature, a born psychologist or a gifted mind-reader. The quick intuitive power, promptness and accuracy, with which you see through the intentions of others often bewilders your opponents. Blessed with a remarkable power of expression and eloquence, you can fare prominent as an imp

Meaning of the Mounts of Mars

There are two mounts of Mars: One located below the mount of Jupiter within the enclave between the thumb and the arch-like beginning of the life line and the other located below the mount of Mercury in the area between the lines of the heart and the head towards the percussion of the palm. The former is called the mount of Mars positive while the latter is known as the mount of Mars negative. Both the mounts when found prominently on the hands of subjects display the following characteristics: Are brave, courageous and valiant fighters endowed with qualities of high morale, indefatigable spirit and indomitable will. Show remarkable patience, fortitude and equanimity of mind in the face of grave danger. Never give in or surrender if the tables seem to be turning against them. They are men of crisis. Prove steadfast and since friends in the hour of need. Are chivalrous, magnanimous and generous while dealing with both friends and foes. Prove excellent strategists deft in the art of offe

Meaning of The Mount of Venus

The elevated fleshy pad located just below the thumb, and forming part of it, is called the Mount of Venus. When the life line, taking a full curve around it, covers a fairly wide are, the mount is said to be well-developed, manifesting Venusian qualities. Whether the term "Venus" used for this mount has been borrowed from the planet Venus or from Greek mythology it is not fully known. There is a greater probability that this has been borrowed from Greek mythology according to which Venus is the goddess of love and virility.  If Venus is your mount, you are likely to possess the following psychological traits: 1. You are inclined to be very loving, friendly and sympathetic. The capacity for formulating human relationships is immense in you. 2. Being gregarious by nature, you are prone to love friendly gatherings, festivities, fun fairs and social functions. Your range of friendship and social contacts would, naturally be very wide, transcending geographical limits to include

Meaning of The Mount of Moon

The Mount of Moon (AKA Luna) is situated below the Upper Mount of Mars along the percussion. If it is well-developed, covers a fairly wide area and has a centrally located apex too, it represents Lunarian characteristics. Since Luna or Moon is traditionally associated with quite a few mystic elements, having a bearing on human character and destiny, the Lunarians are inclined towards water, overseas journeys, restlessness, fluctuations of moods, imagination, romance, mysticism and lunatic tendencies. In case, you possess this mount on your hand, you are likely to manifest the following psychological traits: 1. Immense love for water, undertaking overseas journeys, adopting professions or careers related primarily to water or maritime activities. You may be very fond of swimming, rowing, water skiing or getting a job in the Navy. 2. Restlessness, like tidal waves, which does not let you stay in one position or geographical location. You are, therefore, likely to be on the move, always s