Fate Line from Mount of Moon

If the Fate Line on your hand arises from the mount of Moon and moves onward to the mount of Saturn below the middle finger without hindrance, it manifests that:

Fate Line from Mount of Moon

  1. Your destiny is subject to great ups and downs and sharp fluctuations. At one time, you may climb high up to the pinnacles of glory, and at another, fall flat into the pit of ignominy, frustrated and broken-hearted.
  2. In many respects, your destiny is very similar to that of the moon which continues to change its shape and course and pass through periods of light and shade. As such, there is little possibility that you would ever stick to one place, job or career and lead a stable and comfortable life throughout. Uncertainty, instability and suspense are peculiar characteristics of your destiny.
  3. Wealth, power, happiness, fame or success for you will be like a fleeting shadow, varying in extent, size and duration. One day, you might be rolling in wealth and the next day be an empty-handed wreck, running into heavy debt or loss. Rarely, if ever, will you enjoy prolonged stability and durable prosperity.
  4. Your success, to a great extent, owes itself to someone who maybe a friend, well-wisher, lover or life partner. As such, your destiny is comparable to the moon which radiates through borrowed light.
  5. You will, primarily, be associated with professions which rely heavily on the patronage, help, approval or backing of the general public like those of politicians, lawyers, doctors, artists, writers, singers, film stars, etc.
  6. You are a person of great magnetic charm, but your charisma might not last long. Your name, fame and popularity is likely to decline with the passage of time if you start taking things too complacently.
  7. An unknown and unconscious fear continues to haunt your mind, casting dark shadows on your future happiness and success.
  8. An unusual urge for undertaking overseas journeys and a love for adventure are peculiar characteristics of your personality. Basically, you are an extremely restless, adventurous and daring individual. The tendency towards alcoholic drinks and smoking is also very strong in you. Beware of this tendency. Experience shows that people possessing such a Fate Line usually take up careers which help them earn foreign exchange or win bread from abroad.
  9. Love, romance and friendship may exercise a deep impact on your life. Emotions are likely to play a pivotal role in the selection of your life partner and friends There is a likelihood of marrying outside your caste, creed, clan or country. Love marriage maybe preferred over arranged marriage.
  10. Last but perhaps not least, you are inclined to be somewhat fatalistic; a staunch believer in the role of luck or destiny in human life. Quite naturally, therefore, you feel greatly attracted towards games of chance, gambling, prize bonds, lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes. Fortune tellers influence you the most.


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