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Fate Line from inside Life Line

If the Fate Line on your hand originates from inside the Life Line, it denotes the deep influence which your ancestral home will exert on your life and destiny. You are a family-fixated person and will forever remain attached to your parents and family and seldom think of parting from them. You live and die for them. The home, locality, surroundings and the soil you belong to means much to you. Your love for your culture and traditions is also very strong. There is, therefore, an immense tendency in you to get fixated to the old customs and conventions, worshipping all that is associated with the past. An excessive love for family and home can have some negative aspects too. Generally speaking, you: may lead a very dull, drab and vegetative existence. lag behind time and fail to march ahead on the road to success and prosperity. lack courage to experiment and accomplish anything great or new. fail to exhibit creative potential and produce something original. remain a blind follower and

Fate Line from Life Line

 If the Fate Line on your hand originates from the Life Line and climbs to the mount of Saturn below the middle finger without obstruction, it means that the first 35 years of your life, especially childhood or adolescence, were somewhat unsatisfactory, full of fluctuations, problems and worries. Probably soon after your birth, the family experienced some serious setback through some major economic crises, environmental change, loss of some significant person or litigation. An unhappy state of affairs might have prevailed during this preliminary stage of life. There is a great possibility that you come from a middle-class or a lower-income group. For well over 25 to 30 years of life, or even more, you may have had to strive very hard, cross many hurdles and suffer quite a few reversals. The family environment in which you grew up was not conductive to your growth and development. The socioeconomic conditions of your parents were, perhaps, not very happy either. It is very likely that w

Fate Line from Mount of Moon

If the Fate Line on your hand arises from the mount of Moon and moves onward to the mount of Saturn below the middle finger without hindrance, it manifests that: Your destiny is subject to great ups and downs and sharp fluctuations. At one time, you may climb high up to the pinnacles of glory, and at another, fall flat into the pit of ignominy, frustrated and broken-hearted. In many respects, your destiny is very similar to that of the moon which continues to change its shape and course and pass through periods of light and shade. As such, there is little possibility that you would ever stick to one place, job or career and lead a stable and comfortable life throughout. Uncertainty, instability and suspense are peculiar characteristics of your destiny. Wealth, power, happiness, fame or success for you will be like a fleeting shadow, varying in extent, size and duration. One day, you might be rolling in wealth and the next day be an empty-handed wreck, running into heavy debt or loss.

Fate Line from Wrist

If the Fate Line on your hand arises from the wrist or close to it and climbs straight up to the mount of Saturn (its natural place of termination) without any hindrance it denotes a well-established life and an exceptionally good fortune from a very young age indicating that: You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. From the very beginning, you were among the privileged few blessed with all that can help a man make an enviable beginning. Whatever you aspired for circumstances conspired to bring it within your reach and if there were some reversals, those were few and far between. Your success and prosperity will be enduring and long lasting, not just momentary. Throughout your whole life, you will enjoy periods of prolonged prosperity, immense wealth and material well-being. You will never be indebted or dependent on anyone. The few ups and downs in your life will be short-lived. You will march on the road to success and prosperity without any hindrance. Although God blesses

Fate Line in Palmistry

The line which usually travels vertically through the center of the palm from the bottom upward, is called the Line of Fate. This line, in fact is the end product of all that may be available after plus and minus from what the other lines and signs of hand have to offer. It is, undoubtedly, the most mysterious and complex of all the marks requiring great skill and dexterity and a high sense of responsibility to be interpreted. Any hasty generalization may do incalculable harm to the client and bring a complete disillusionment to the reader as to the validity of this knowledge. While the other lines on the palm highlight, primarily the mental or psychological make up of a person, the luck line is concerned mostly with destiny, interpreted commonly in material terms. Thus, if a person has a long, deep and well-defined luck line, free from cuts, breaks, islands or any blemish, they might be considered financially well-off, hence, very lucky. But such a definition is rather too narrow and