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Island on the Fate Line

If there is an island somewhere on your Fate Line it does not bode well for your future. It indicates that your destiny is in the grip of unpropitious forces. There is some trouble ahead. You may fail to achieve targets and your hopes and plans might become frustrated. All steps to resolve your problems may prove unsuccessful. There may be some financial or physical loss, or your domestic life maybe at stake because of one or the other reason. On the hand of a married woman such a mark denotes a threat to her matrimonial life, while on the hand of a male it usually signifies severe financial crisis or the loss of a job. Intrigues or conspiracies of rivals are likely to endanger his career leading to demotion, suspension, or dismissal. The island is definitely a negative sign denoting a multiplicity of problems. Agonies and worries may, at times, drive its owner to believe that they are born under an unlucky star. Their faith in themselves and their destiny might become badly shaken. Th
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Broken Fate Line

If your Fate Line is being intersected by a strong line or lines coming from the Lower Mount of Mars, it is undoubtedly a very negative mark denoting misfortune intercepting success, which may either be delayed or hindered. All such lines crossing from the Lower Mars area are enemy lines. They represent worries, impediments, created by man or circumstances, in the attainment of one's wishes and desires. Beware! The path you have chosen for yourself is fraught with troubles. You have to be meticulously careful at every step. It may be better to retrace your steps, as there are black holes in the way. You may fail to reach your destination. If you are planning to embark upon a new business venture do not be hasty or you would risk losing your money as well as your goodwill. Think before you leap. It would be advisable if you could seek help and guidance from some competent person and wait for a more opportune time. In case you intend to enter into partnership, let there be a well-dra

Fate Line Improves After Crossing the Heart Line

  If the Fate Line on your hand assumes a better shape after having crossed the Heart Line, it indicates that a pretty long period of your life, perhaps till the age of 55 or 60, was full of numerous socioeconomic worries. You might have lived from hand to mouth. Expenses may have outstripped your earnings. You remained under debt. Success was incommensurate with your efforts. Life as a whole, till the aforementioned age range, remained unstable and insecure. Matrimonial conflicts and worries, unemployment, health problems and economic difficulties had beset your entire life. With this background, when you cross 55 or 60, your destiny will turn a new leaf. The evil fortunes which cast shadows on your life will vanish. Circumstances conspire to bring about a pleasant change. God seems gracious. You are compensated for your earlier deprivations. Perhaps some friend or relative, most probably your children, come to your rescue and lend a helping hand to turn the wheel of fortune in your f

Fate Line Improves After Crossing the Head Line

  If the Fate Line on your hand looks better after having crossed the Head Line it manifests that the early 30 to 35 years of your life would be full of problems, uncertainties, and worries. Repeated hurdles would bar the way to success; unexpected mishaps and multiple disappointments would adversely effect business, marital or mental happiness. However, after having crossed 30 to 35 years, such hurdles would be removed and the way to success cleared. A change for the better would take place and clouds of adversity disappear. The burdens which broke your back earlier would be lifted.A crisis may be averted and business conditions improve considerably.  New horizons of success and prosperity would open bringing substantial change in your socioeconomic conditions. There are chances that you might switch over to a new and more lucrative business. The atmosphere at home would also show a marked improvement; and the factors which blocked your matrimonial happiness would disappear. The arriv

Fate Line ends at Heart Line

  If the fate line on your hand looks quite deep and strong until it comes into contact with the heart line and then it stops, it is not a happy sign. It shows that after being successful and prosperous till the middle of your life that is, 45 or 50, due to some emotional factor, sentimental act or impulsive decision, your success onwards maybe hampered resulting in severe loss or failure. The wheel of your fortune may reverse and land you in trouble. In case you are holding a commanding position in public life or enjoying an authoritative status in a governmental job, be careful, not to let your heart govern your head, and sentiments overrule your reason. Do not change your job hastily, submit resignation, take up a new career, fall prey to temptations, run into conflict with your boss or misuse your powers. Think twice before embarking upon a new venture. If you are a businessperson and have been doing very well so far, then beware as impulsive decisions, emotional acts, litigating a

Fate Line ends at Head Line

If the Fate Line on your hand having made an excellent beginning stops abruptly after a clash with the Head Line , it indicates that till 30 or 35 years of life you would lead a quite happy, successful and protected life with the help of your parents and family members who would look after your basic needs; provide education, plan a career, arrange for your marriage and living accommodation. You would have nothing to worry about. But as you cross this period and the significant people get out of your life, things start taking an ugly turn, and the bitter realities manifest themselves. Thus, partly because of adverse circumstances and partly because of personal shortcomings you would fail to cope successfully with various situations resulting in socioeconomic and emotional problems or perhaps disaster. If you are a married woman the problems of adjustment with your life partner or in-laws might take a negative turn. If you are in business then negligence, hasty decisions, error of judge

No Fate Line

If the fate line on your hand is totally absent, or vague or indefinite, any one of the following facts may prove true in your case: You are essentially a self-made person; a worker getting only as much as you endeavor for proportionate to your efforts. Luck or chance has little to do with your life. Ordinarily, a person like you leads a dull, drab existence without glamor. You are a highly materialistic, matter-of-fact and pragmatic person, believing that you yourself are the architect of your fate and the arbitrator of your destiny. CLICK HERE TO ORDER A PALM READING  Learn Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology! From Ancient India, the three main spheres of fortune telling are still being read today. Everyone asks where do I start? Astro-Palm-Numero explains all the basic details with finesse, and gives a proper introductory start for both experts and beginners alike in the domains of Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology. - Description on  Amazon Available in both digital and print form