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Meaning of The Mount of Venus

The elevated fleshy pad located just below the thumb, and forming part of it, is called the Mount of Venus. When the life line, taking a full curve around it, covers a fairly wide are, the mount is said to be well-developed, manifesting Venusian qualities. Whether the term "Venus" used for this mount has been borrowed from the planet Venus or from Greek mythology it is not fully known. There is a greater probability that this has been borrowed from Greek mythology according to which Venus is the goddess of love and virility.  If Venus is your mount, you are likely to possess the following psychological traits: 1. You are inclined to be very loving, friendly and sympathetic. The capacity for formulating human relationships is immense in you. 2. Being gregarious by nature, you are prone to love friendly gatherings, festivities, fun fairs and social functions. Your range of friendship and social contacts would, naturally be very wide, transcending geographical limits to include
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Meaning of The Mount of Moon

The Mount of Moon (AKA Luna) is situated below the Upper Mount of Mars along the percussion. If it is well-developed, covers a fairly wide area and has a centrally located apex too, it represents Lunarian characteristics. Since Luna or Moon is traditionally associated with quite a few mystic elements, having a bearing on human character and destiny, the Lunarians are inclined towards water, overseas journeys, restlessness, fluctuations of moods, imagination, romance, mysticism and lunatic tendencies. In case, you possess this mount on your hand, you are likely to manifest the following psychological traits: 1. Immense love for water, undertaking overseas journeys, adopting professions or careers related primarily to water or maritime activities. You may be very fond of swimming, rowing, water skiing or getting a job in the Navy. 2. Restlessness, like tidal waves, which does not let you stay in one position or geographical location. You are, therefore, likely to be on the move, always s

The 7 Types of Hands

 1. The Elementary Hand This hand belongs to a single-track mind person. This individual can become an excellent athlete or boxer provided the thumb is stout and strong with the head line small. Then the owner may prove to be an excellent athlete. 2. The Square or Practical Hand The square-handed person is known as practical due to many reasons. The hand of this subject is that of a pragmatic individual, who is well-mannered, and highly disciplined. They work best in a business environment but one which is very professional so that they can do work in an orderly fashion. They tend to be religious but dogmatic in their viewpoints. If head and life lines are attached and thumb is small they will make a better follower than a leader. 3. The Philosophical or Knotty Hand It is wise to bring up this hand now as it is the exact opposite of the square hand. Wherein the square hand is practical and logical, the philosophical hand is physically impractical but intellectually quite stimulating. T

World's Most Famous Classic Palmists

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A Tale of 2 Sadhus

Each of the hands belongs to a sadhu. Sadhus are ascetics from either the Hindu or Jain religion. An ascetic is a person who has let go of material possessions. The hand on the left (Image 1) belongs to an Indian sadhu while the one on the right (Image 2) belongs to a Nepali sadhu. In Image 1 you will notice that the overall shape of the hand belongs to an earthy and loving person. The head line (red) is a sloping a tad downwards but not too much which shows a mix of practicality and creativity in the person's mindset. Even if he was not a sadhu he would donate to charity or try his best to help others in any way he could - that is what I gathered from each and every aspect of his hand - as a single sign cannot paint the whole picture. Another interesting aspect is the square (yellow) in the middle of the palm arising from the lower mount of Mars. This means that in his 40s the person will face opposition from people he most likely is acquainted with, but due to the square being a

Personal Palm Reading

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Jack Ma Palm Reading (English)

Who is Jack Ma? Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, which can be called the Chinese version of Amazon, and for those residing in Pakistan unfamiliar with this conglomerate, you would definitely recognize the online retailer which falls under it: Daraz. But Jack Ma has an unusual hand for a billionaire. Yes, we all know that not all persons’ palms are similar even in the cases of those who are in the same line of work. But if we were to look more closely at the hand shape, fingers’ setting, thumb size, and all the lines and signs on his active palm, we realize that his uniqueness is in fact his recipe for success in the corporate domain. Jack Ma Related Palmistry Videos Jack Ma Palm Reading (English) Jack Ma/Jeff Bezos Comparison CLICK HERE FOR A PALM READING Learn Palmistry! From Ancient India, the three main spheres of fortune telling are still being read today. Everyone asks where do I start? Astro-Palm-Numero explains all the basic details with finesse, and gives a proper introductor