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A Tale of 2 Sadhus

Each of the hands belongs to a sadhu. Sadhus are ascetics from either the Hindu or Jain religion. An ascetic is a person who has let go of material possessions. The hand on the left (Image 1) belongs to an Indian sadhu while the one on the right (Image 2) belongs to a Nepali sadhu.

A Tale of 2 Sadhus

In Image 1 you will notice that the overall shape of the hand belongs to an earthy and loving person. The head line (red) is a sloping a tad downwards but not too much which shows a mix of practicality and creativity in the person's mindset. Even if he was not a sadhu he would donate to charity or try his best to help others in any way he could - that is what I gathered from each and every aspect of his hand - as a single sign cannot paint the whole picture. Another interesting aspect is the square (yellow) in the middle of the palm arising from the lower mount of Mars. This means that in his 40s the person will face opposition from people he most likely is acquainted with, but due to the square being a mark of protection, he will most probably come out of that period unharmed.


In Image 2 you will notice that the head line (red) slopes downwards completely. This means that the person is extremely spiritual by nature. He might also be easily able to communicate his ideas to others. Such people are non-materialistic by nature. The line of Mars (yellow) is one of the longest I've seen on a palm of a non-celebrity. This means the person is protected by a guardian angel. The long length denotes that the protection will most probably last for his lifetime.

Comparison: If we were to see similarities on both palms, notice that both of the sadhus have attachment lines (blue) but they are of course not in a relationship with another human being. In this case, they have a strong union with a higher power. Notice that the Nepali sadhu (Image 2) has two strong attachment lines which means he is spiritually devoted to two figures. The lengths are mostly equal so there are no favorites. The second factor which is evident in both palms is the lack of a strong fate line. You would determine that this is because both sadhus are poor. However, even the poorest people can have extremely strong fate lines. In both their cases, the lack of a strong fate line denotes a lack of money as a goal of life. And that is exactly the path that asceticism leads towards.

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