Broken Fate Line

Broken Fate Line

If your Fate Line is being intersected by a strong line or lines coming from the Lower Mount of Mars, it is undoubtedly a very negative mark denoting misfortune intercepting success, which may either be delayed or hindered. All such lines crossing from the Lower Mars area are enemy lines. They represent worries, impediments, created by man or circumstances, in the attainment of one's wishes and desires.

Beware! The path you have chosen for yourself is fraught with troubles. You have to be meticulously careful at every step. It may be better to retrace your steps, as there are black holes in the way. You may fail to reach your destination.

If you are planning to embark upon a new business venture do not be hasty or you would risk losing your money as well as your goodwill. Think before you leap. It would be advisable if you could seek help and guidance from some competent person and wait for a more opportune time. In case you intend to enter into partnership, let there be a well-drawn deed before you do so.

If you intend to marry, someone of your own choice is not yet ripe. Some unexpected hurdle might block the way. The engagement or commitment might break. If you are married take care of the health and wellbeing of your partner. Try to improve your relations as well. Avoid taking steps that might spoil your domestic life.

If you are surrounded by worries and troubles and find no way out, be patient and tolerant. Do not curse your fate and shed tears. Exert self-control. Analyze your own faults and shortcomings. Perhaps there is something wrong with your own planning. Instead of holding external factors responsible, look within yourself and search for the causes of failure. Wrong calculations, rashness, imprudence, sentimental approach, ostentatious behavior, over-confidence, mental or physical ailment might be at the back of your failure.

If this broken or intersected part of your Fate Line takes a better shape afterwards, it indicates a pleasant change. Your life may take a newer or brighter turn and your business might also improve.

If you have been under heavy debt, incurring grievous losses, meeting incessant failures, facing matrimonial problems, physical or financial troubles, etc., then be reassured that the days of your agony will be over as inevitably as spring follows winter. After having failed in current business ventures you are likely to start afresh, opening new vistas of success. The losses and agonies you suffered and the deprivations you experienced will come to an end. You matrimonial relationship which may have remained strained due to misgivings will improve. Rivals will suffer defeat and the enemy's designs will become frustrated. In case you are worried because you are issueless, there is hope that you may have the happy news of the birth of a baby.

A newer and better line is a positive sign and, undoubtedly, a happy omen of a bright future. Your efforts may be crowned with success. A pleasant change might take place in your life. Golden opportunities seem to be coming ahead. A successful business venture may bring big dividends.

If, however, the Life and Fate Lines both get shattered after a clash with opposition lines crossing over from the base of the thumb, it indicates some serious threat to one's health, happiness, honor, or safety. Pray to God and ask for forgiveness.


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