Marriage Line in Palmistry

On the edge of the palm, between the heart line and the root of the little finger, are found, one or two, sometimes more, lines running horizontally on the mount of Mercury. Traditionally speaking, these lines are associated with love or marriage. Objectively speaking, however, they manifest nothing more than the sexual behavior of a human male or female without discrimination.

Marriage Line in Palmistry

A careful study of the number, size, structure, and location of these lines provides the following information:

1. More than one line indicates that the individual is polygamous by nature, and capable of formulating relationships with more than one member of the opposite sex.

2. Short lines denote short-term, inconsequential, superficial affairs with no deep impact; reflecting merely one’s unfulfilled desires and longings.

3. Long and deep lines denote long-lasting, meaningful, and durable relationships. Since such relationships between the members of the opposite sex can exist only within the bounds of law in a civilized society, the lines highlighting such relationships are commonly designated as the lines of marriage.

4. In case there exists a multiplicity of short lines on the edge of the palm, and no long or outstanding line is visible among them, it manifests an inability to formulate stable and long-lasting relationships. An individual with such a mark is inconsistent and insincere in matters of love and marriage. At times, it indicates lack of warmth and sexual inadequacy, frigidity among women, and impotence among men.

5. A marriage line located close to the heart line indicates an early marriage, located midway between the heart line and the root of the little finger denotes marriage prior to 25, located above it denotes marriage beyond 30.

6. Small lines located prior to the long line denote pre-marital affairs or engagements, but those located above or after it denote post-marital relationships with the members of the opposite sex not necessarily in the physical sense.

7. One long and deep line with a total absence of small lines denotes a monogamous trend with no love affairs or ceremonial engagement prior to marriage.

8. A small parallel line running close to the long line denotes a clandestine affair continuing side by side with the marital life.

9. Two equally strong and long lines on both hands is almost a sure mark of two marriages.

10. Two long lines on the dominant hand with only one on the non-dominant one denotes an extramarital affair, while two lines on the non-dominant hand with one on the dominant one denotes simply an unfulfilled wish.

11. As a general rule, the lines whether long or short, should all be straight and clear with no splits, breaks, islands, forks, or downward trends. One note of caution: Be not hasty in predicting divorce and creating a wedge between husband and wife.


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