The 7 Types of Hands

 1. The Elementary Hand

This hand belongs to a single-track mind person. This individual can become an excellent athlete or boxer provided the thumb is stout and strong with the head line small. Then the owner may prove to be an excellent athlete.

2. The Square or Practical Hand

The square-handed person is known as practical due to many reasons. The hand of this subject is that of a pragmatic individual, who is well-mannered, and highly disciplined. They work best in a business environment but one which is very professional so that they can do work in an orderly fashion. They tend to be religious but dogmatic in their viewpoints. If head and life lines are attached and thumb is small they will make a better follower than a leader.

3. The Philosophical or Knotty Hand

It is wise to bring up this hand now as it is the exact opposite of the square hand. Wherein the square hand is practical and logical, the philosophical hand is physically impractical but intellectually quite stimulating. They like to deal with metaphysical and abstract ideas whereas the square hand deals with life on the beaten track AKA take the path always traveled on. The identifying physical characteristics of the philosophical hand are the softness of the hand and the knotty joints of the fingers hence the name philosophical/knotty hand.

4. The Spatulate Hand

This hand forms a duality of the squarish and philosophical hand. The spatulate hand is practical but does not follow the beaten track. They always try to find new ground in everything but always in a practical sense. 

Usually, spatulate hands are capable enough to get what they want in life. They make excellent academics, research scientists, etc., as they wish to introduce something new to the world in a practical fashion.

5. The Conic or Artistic Hand

As per C. de Saint-Germain the conic hand is called conic due to its cone-shaped fingers and it is called artistic not because of the bearer being inclined to become a sculptor, painter, etc. The biggest drawbacks of this hand are that the subject acts in a haphazard manner, acts fast and thinks later, and similar to the birth number 5 of astro-numerology, their impulsiveness can have a negative effect on not only themselves but also those around them. 

Famous Birth Number 5 Astro-Numerological Examples: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump.

Positive characteristics of the conic hand include their strong intuition by which they are able to grasp subjects by dint of their natural intelligence. With a  strong thumb and long head line this person can achieve a lot in the realm of creative writing and motivational speaking.

Famous Palmistry Example: Faiz Ahmad Faiz

6. The Feminine or Psychic Hand

This hand is called feminine regardless of which gender it belongs to. Whatever the sex of the subject the person is apt to be hypersensitive. Similar to that of the Zodiac sign of Pisces, the bearer of the feminine hand naturally tends to stand up for the underdog in any given situation. Not only that, but they need someone to be their rock. But without this connection, it is very difficult for them to stand on their own two feet as they have a tendency to be constantly used if encountered by evil people. To end with, if you are tied to by a virtue of a a law-biding relationship then you will get help in this lifetime but still your heart made of pure gold will lead to a winning of life and not the end of it as good-hearted people are awarded in the afterlife.

Famous Palmistry Example: Marilyn Manson.

7. The Mixed Hand

As per M.A. Malik, academically speaking there are only six basic types of hands in their pure and ideal form. The seventh called "The Mixed Type" represents simply a mixture of diverse traits of the first six with no specific features of its own.


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