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Meaning of The Mount of Moon

The Mount of Moon (AKA Luna) is situated below the Upper Mount of Mars along the percussion. If it is well-developed, covers a fairly wide area and has a centrally located apex too, it represents Lunarian characteristics. Since Luna or Moon is traditionally associated with quite a few mystic elements, having a bearing on human character and destiny, the Lunarians are inclined towards water, overseas journeys, restlessness, fluctuations of moods, imagination, romance, mysticism and lunatic tendencies.

In case, you possess this mount on your hand, you are likely to manifest the following psychological traits:

1. Immense love for water, undertaking overseas journeys, adopting professions or careers related primarily to water or maritime activities. You may be very fond of swimming, rowing, water skiing or getting a job in the Navy.

2. Restlessness, like tidal waves, which does not let you stay in one position or geographical location. You are, therefore, likely to be on the move, always shifting from one place, job or country to another. People, who travel a lot and migrate from their homeland to settle abroad have often been found to possess this mount. Along with this mount, if a few prominent and independent, horizontal or vertical lines are also present, the love to undertake voyages and settle down abroad is further accentuated. As a matter of fact, restlessness and discontentment within you can best be satiated by multiple travels and environmental changes.

3. Tendency to escape from the harsh realities of life which may manifest itself through: 
  • Seeking solace and comfort in excessive use of alcohol.
  • Living in the realm of imagination and fantasy, building castles in the air, day dreaming, writing poetry, fiction, etc.
  • An excessive craving for love and romantic adventures leading to love marriages which seldom last.
  • Little to no aptitude for business inclined to think more and work less like lotus-eaters, sluggish and lazy. Ideas rather than deeds, words rather than action, theory rather than practice carry more importance for you.
4. Highly mystical or spiritual bent of mind with almost no desire for the material and mundane objects of life, particularly when this mount is found on the philosophical hands.

5.Strong fluctuations of mood, vacillating, whimsical and capricious behavior which does not permit the Lunarian to stick to one point of view or ideology.

If the mount happens to be over-developed, this indicates morbid imagination leading to delusions and hallucinations. If the head line drops far down into this over-developed mount, the pathological lunar element manifests itself in the worst possible form which could even result in being dragged to the lunatic asylum. One or more deep, long and clear lines running horizontally or vertically on this mount denote multiple overseas journeys, a tendency to settle abroad or take up a career which helps earn foreign exchange. 


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