Meaning of the Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury located beneath the little finger, if fairly elevated and well-developed with the centrally located apex and the little finger reaching up to the first phalange of the ring finger, indicates that you are Mercurian and possess some very positive and some very negative personality traits as listed below:

The Mount of Mercury

  • As the name suggests, you have Mercurian temperament, extremely restless, dynamic, active and mobile. Like Mercury, you are always on the move and cannot remain in one place, situation or mental state. You love speed, change progress and action, and are, mentally and physically, smart and agile. You cannot sit idle, and are always up to one thing or another.
  • You are a keen student of human nature, a born psychologist or a gifted mind-reader. The quick intuitive power, promptness and accuracy, with which you see through the intentions of others often bewilders your opponents.
  • Blessed with a remarkable power of expression and eloquence, you can fare prominent as an impressive and convincing orator or debater. Through your wonderful power of rhetoric, you can move people to tears or laughter.
  • Your natural genius can find its fullest expression in any one of the following fields of life:
  1. In business, trade or industry where, by virtue of wonderful planning and management abilities, you can grow rich and prosperous.
  2. In politics, where your natural shrewdness and diplomatic talent to influence and inspire people is at its best.
  3. In scientific research, where your remarkable inventive genius can find its fullest expression.
  4. In sports and games, where your skill, stamina and speed can set new records and standards of performance.
  5. In the field of occult sciences, where your natural gifts can manifest themselves.
If the mount of Mercury is overdeveloped and the finger of Mercury is crooked, it is a highly negative mark requiring an objective self-analysis. Expediency rather than principle predominates your behavior. Generally speaking, this is a mark of an evil genius. Such a person tends to be a swindler, cheat or crook. In psychological terms, he is deemed as a psychopath; having no qualms of conscience. He can deceive any one even his best friends and benefactors.

If he is a politician, he may betray his followers; if a businessman, he may play fast and loose with his customers and if he is an occultist, he may hoodwink his gullible victims. In sports and games, he may lack sportsmanship and ignore the rules of the game.

A person with a depressed mount of Mercury lacks courage.


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