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Meaning of the Mount of Apollo

The mount of Apollo or Sun located just beneath the ring finger, if well-developed with centrally located apex and the ring finger almost equal to the middle, indicates that you are Apollonian in character, and are likely to manifest the following psychological traits:

The Mount of Apollo

  • You are a happy-go-lucky person; full of life and charm. Unlike the Saturnian, you love to live in the present and seek immediate gratification of your desires instead of postponing them to the future.
  • Being basically optimistic, hopeful and lively, you tend to enjoy life and make other people happy too. You radiate happiness, disseminate joy and laughter wherever you go. Pleasure principle rather than reality principle governs your life and actions. You are a much sought after person in a social function or friendly gathering. With your sharp comments, lively remarks, smashing repartees, you can change a gloomy atmosphere into that of a fun fair. You are an excellent mimic.
  • Whether you are a creative artist or not, you have poetic or artistic tendencies, and possess a good sense of appreciation for all things artistic. Your aesthetic sense is highly developed.Beauty in any form, human or a natural, always creates happiness for you. You are a person of superb taste and intelligence. Anything ugly, dirty and abominable is reprehensive and has strong repercussions on you. You would refuse dirty jobs or crude business, however lucrative it may be; beautiful objects, colorful goods, costly costumes, glittering ornaments, jewellery and perfumes, appeal to your aesthetic sense, and you are prone to make them your business and often prove to be extraordinarily successful and make fortunes through them.
  • There is a kind of obsession in you to win fame, recognition and distinction in whichever field of life you happen to be, and ultimately do attain it. While the Jupiterian loves power, the Apollonian craves popularity. You contrive to attract attention, gain prominence and come into the limelight by all means. You therefore prefer careers and professions such as show business, acting, modelling, storywriting, journalism and all related fields which gain publicity.
  • Though neither deep nor original, you are intuitive, quick-witted and brilliant, possessing a surprising credit to take credit even for those things which are not of your creation by virtue of your wit and versatile genius.
  • You are, by nature, an easygoing person. Instead of burning the midnight oil, you always try to find short cuts by which you could rise speedily to prominence and get maximum through minimum efforts. Naturally, therefore, the subjects which require persistent hard work and endeavour do not find favor with you.
  • With an overdeveloped mount of Apollo, if the ring finger happens to be almost equal to the middle and at the same time crooked too, there will be an impelling urge within you to indulge in gambling, games of chance, speculative business or getting involved in risky and adventurous undertakings. In fact, the desire to make money through short cuts and miraculous means is so strong in you that, at times, you are ready to stake your health, happiness, reputation and even life for this purpose.
  • In love, friendship and partnership, Apollonians seldom prove to be steadfast. They are fair-weather friends, unreliable and undependable. They may begin as friends but end as foes.
  • Since Apollonians are basically narcissistic, they usually remain excessively pre-occupied with themselves and are self-worshippers and conceited people. They love an ostentatious life, provided the ring finger is excessively long. Such a tendency, developed to a pathological extent may prompt them to commit sensational crimes and indulge in notorious activities to win publicity and attract attention.


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