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Meaning of The Mount of Venus

The elevated fleshy pad located just below the thumb, and forming part of it, is called the Mount of Venus. When the life line, taking a full curve around it, covers a fairly wide are, the mount is said to be well-developed, manifesting Venusian qualities.

The Mount of Venus

Whether the term "Venus" used for this mount has been borrowed from the planet Venus or from Greek mythology it is not fully known. There is a greater probability that this has been borrowed from Greek mythology according to which Venus is the goddess of love and virility. 

If Venus is your mount, you are likely to possess the following psychological traits:

1. You are inclined to be very loving, friendly and sympathetic. The capacity for formulating human relationships is immense in you.

2. Being gregarious by nature, you are prone to love friendly gatherings, festivities, fun fairs and social functions. Your range of friendship and social contacts would, naturally be very wide, transcending geographical limits to include men and women from all nationalities and walks of life.

3. You are very warm hearted, generous and broad-minded, having love for all and malice towards none. Rarely, if ever, you harbor ill will towards anyone. Compassionate and generous, these Venusians will in fact do everything they can to assist their friends and family.

4. Generally speaking, you love peace, harmony and tranquility, and are, by nature, merciful and forgiving, provided the hand is soft and thumb flexible, but if you have an elementary type of hand you may prove to be callous, unmerciful and unforgiving.

5. The range of your interests is vast and varied. You love poetry, wine and women.

6. The love for all aesthetic objects is deeply ingrained in you. Beauty, in whatever form, particularly in the members of the opposite se, has an immense appeal for you. The major difference between the Apollonian's love of beauty and that of the Venusian's is that the former's love is mainly platonic while the latter's is purely sensual. One loves to view beauty while the other loves to touch it.

7. Endowed with good health and exuberance of sex vitality, you cannot lead a prolonged life of celibacy and, if circumstances permit, you are likely to marry early. However, you are polygamous by nature and would hardly prove steadfast and sincere in your married life. And again, if circumstances permit, there is every likelihood that you may fall victim to sexual temptations.

8. If, unfortunately, this mount tends to be overdeveloped, it may manifest in lack of control and discipline. Tendency to outstrip limits of decency may be very strong in you. Excess of sex vitality may impel you to yield to licentious demands, leading to moral depravity and perversions.

9. If the mount is reddish and the tip of the thumb appears to be clubbed, there is, perhaps no depth of moral degradation to which you may not stoop; you may turn out to be a sex maniac and resort to heinous perversions.

10. A depressed or deficient mount of Venus, on the other hand, is a mark of frigidity or infertility in women, and sexual inadequacy in men.  


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