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Fate Line from inside Life Line

If the Fate Line on your hand originates from inside the Life Line, it denotes the deep influence which your ancestral home will exert on your life and destiny.

Fate Line from inside Life Line

You are a family-fixated person and will forever remain attached to your parents and family and seldom think of parting from them. You live and die for them. The home, locality, surroundings and the soil you belong to means much to you. Your love for your culture and traditions is also very strong. There is, therefore, an immense tendency in you to get fixated to the old customs and conventions, worshipping all that is associated with the past.

An excessive love for family and home can have some negative aspects too. Generally speaking, you:

  1. may lead a very dull, drab and vegetative existence.
  2. lag behind time and fail to march ahead on the road to success and prosperity.
  3. lack courage to experiment and accomplish anything great or new.
  4. fail to exhibit creative potential and produce something original.
  5. remain a blind follower and imitator but never a leader or innovator.
  6. are incapable of making your own decisions or following an independent course of action regarding significant matters especially those relating to the choice of friends, life partner or profession.
  7. might submit blindly to the desires and wishes of your family and remain attached to the apron string of your mother, be forced to accept an arranged marriage within the family circle and live in a joint family system ignoring the interests of your wife and children.
  8. follow elders and adopt the occupation or profession of your forefathers.
  9. spend a major part of your life resolving or settling family feuds and problems, mostly inherited.
  10. get involved in problems and worries generated by imprudent and irresponsible kith and kin.
  11. develop a sort of chauvinistic attitude involving a strong sense of pride in the caste, creed, religion or tribe you belong to.
  12. sacrifice much for relatives without being rewarded or reciprocated. Indeed, you are one of those people who help their family a lot, and in turn, are helped by them too, in the early days of life but feel disillusioned in the long run, and remain a scapegoat to parental family throughout your life.
The best course of action for you would be to maintain a degree of independence from the family and not let it overwhelm you.


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