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Fate Line from Life Line

 If the Fate Line on your hand originates from the Life Line and climbs to the mount of Saturn below the middle finger without obstruction, it means that the first 35 years of your life, especially childhood or adolescence, were somewhat unsatisfactory, full of fluctuations, problems and worries.

Probably soon after your birth, the family experienced some serious setback through some major economic crises, environmental change, loss of some significant person or litigation. An unhappy state of affairs might have prevailed during this preliminary stage of life. There is a great possibility that you come from a middle-class or a lower-income group. For well over 25 to 30 years of life, or even more, you may have had to strive very hard, cross many hurdles and suffer quite a few reversals. The family environment in which you grew up was not conductive to your growth and development. The socioeconomic conditions of your parents were, perhaps, not very happy either. It is very likely that while struggling for your own livelihood, you had to work hard to meet the needs of your family too.

Since your Fate Line finally climbs to the mount of Saturn, without obstruction, it can be safely concluded that eventually (nearing 30 to 35 years) you will achieve your targets; rise to a position of power, prestige and strength and win a significant place in life. The days of adversity will be over and your efforts crowned with success. As this success will primarily be the product of your own efforts, you will truly be called a self-made person; an architect of your own destiny and master of your own fate.

Nevertheless, your success will not be easy. You will have to fight every inch of the way and get what you aspire for through constant struggle and determination. Sudden strokes of luck and miracles have little to do with destiny. If, therefore, circumstances appear to go against your expectations, and the situation seems to take a wrong turn, do not feel dejected. Your success may be delayed but not denied. Life after the age of 35 or so, which may be called the middle of your life, opens up a new era of opportunities for you. Your efforts will start bearing fruit. The harvesting period sets in. You may build a new home or shift to a relatively better locality. Wealth, prosperity and material wellbeing comes to you in abundance, leading you to socioeconomic stability, provided the Sun Line is also brilliant.

It may also be pointed out that mentally or intellectually, a person with such a Fate Line, is seldom a person of extraordinary talents. You may, therefore, be a person of average intelligence. Your greatest virtue is diligence; the ability to work hard and pursue objectives with single-minded devotion and dedication.

You are one of those who sacrifice much for their brothers and sisters and for all those close to you. For the better part of your life, you will remain more on the giving than the receiving end. Generosity is the chief characteristic of your personality. Generally speaking, you are a tough person whose entire life is an example of dedication, devotion to work and love and sacrifice for others. 

Four things are almost certain about you:

  1. You may not stay in one place or job throughout your life as you always remain in search of the best.
  2. Your love and sacrifice for other might not be well-requited. However, this should not leave you frustrated or bitter. Continue to be loyal to all those who helped you during your climb to the top.
  3. If other things remain the same, the success you acquire will be enduring as it will not be the product of chance or miracle.
  4. For the better part of your life, you will be extremely busy, with no rest, relaxation, or perhaps, contentment. Life will seldom be a bed of roses for you.


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