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Meaning of the Mount of Saturn

The mount of Saturn is located just beneath the middle finger. If well-developed, with a centrally located apex and the middle finger pretty long, it indicates that you possess the following Saturnian traits:

The Mount of Saturn

  • You are a future-oriented person with your eyes focused primarily on tomorrow rather than on today. Like a mature person, you tend to postpone the gratification of present needs and wishes to the future with a view to gain lasting happiness rather than momentary joy.
  • Quite in consonance with the aforementioned characteristic, there is a great love in you for accumulating wealth. Instead of being extravagant, you tend to lay in for rainy days, perhaps, because of some unconscious hidden insecurity. Anyhow, this is a mark of wisdom,  prudence and foresight and not a negative trait unless driven to extreme.Along with this, if you have a brilliant line of destiny climbing up this mount, you will make adequate provisions for the future, and have no cause to worry in old age.
  • You are a slow but deep thinker, unusually cautious in your approach. Instead of drawing hasty generalizations and rushing to make impulsive decisions, your conclusions are based on thoughts recollected in tranquility.You are by nature a cool, collected and patient person.
  • Serious subjects which involves research such as math, geology, biology and agriculture have a deep attraction for you. You belong to that category of humanity which always thinks in constructive and productive terms and which goes deep down into the crux of the matter to unravel the inner mysteries. Sober and serious issues of the life form part of your meditation and reflection.
  • It is interesting to note that you are quite fatalistic in your outlook. You are inclined to meditate over the mysteries of human life and destiny and may develop a deep interest in occult subjects. Basically your bent of mind is mystic.
  • You are one of those people who take life seriously. Serenity and gravity dominate your thinking. To disregard cynically all that adds to the sunshine of life is your typical characteristic. Instead of feeling optimistic and looking on the bright side of things, you tend to be pessimistic, morose, sullen, melancholic and gloomy. Thus, you may fail to enjoy social life and be driven to a life of isolation and solitude.


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If the Fate Line on your hand arises from the mount of Moon and moves onward to the mount of Saturn below the middle finger without hindrance, it manifests that: Your destiny is subject to great ups and downs and sharp fluctuations. At one time, you may climb high up to the pinnacles of glory, and at another, fall flat into the pit of ignominy, frustrated and broken-hearted. In many respects, your destiny is very similar to that of the moon which continues to change its shape and course and pass through periods of light and shade. As such, there is little possibility that you would ever stick to one place, job or career and lead a stable and comfortable life throughout. Uncertainty, instability and suspense are peculiar characteristics of your destiny. Wealth, power, happiness, fame or success for you will be like a fleeting shadow, varying in extent, size and duration. One day, you might be rolling in wealth and the next day be an empty-handed wreck, running into heavy debt or loss.

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