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Meaning of the Mount of Jupiter

The fleshly elevation located just beneath the first finger is known as the mount of Jupiter. If it is well-developed, with an apex in the center and the first finger almost equal to the middle, it indicates that you are Jupiterian and are likely to have the following psychological traits:

The Mount of Jupiter

  • By nature you are very ambitious, restless and enthusiastic person, aspiring to reach the top, win power, prestige and status in whatever walk of life you belong to.
  • You are a born leader, and by dint of your brilliant leadership attributes and charismatic personality, you would ultimately forge your way to a position of prominence in trade, business, politics, religion, art, literature or sports.
  • If simultaneously, you happen to possess a strong, unbending thumb along with this mount, you possess an inordinate desire to command, and exert authority over others as a ruler, administrator or bureaucrat. To satiate this thirst for power, you may use all possible means, fair or foul. Along with this if you possess a long, deep and strong headline too, there are no heights to which you may not aspire to climb.
  • Within you, there is a remarkable sense of social, moral or religious consciousness, which may prompt you to play a leading role as a reformer or a revolutionary. You are destined to fight for the religious, social or human rights of the under-privileged, and are sure to accomplish big tasks with acclamation.
  • You have an aristocratic touch and love to live a majestic life of pomp and show.
  • The sense of self-respect and dignity is very high in you. This would not let you stoop low to indulge in despicable acts unless your Jupiter finger is shorter than the ring finger.
  • If this mount, unfortunately, happens to be over-developed and exaggeratedly large, and the Jupiter finger almost equal to the middle one, the lust for power may accentuate to an abnormal degree. Obsession for self-exaltation and self-aggrandizement may assume alarming proportion.
  • Intoxicated by an inordinate lust for power, you may go to extremes; turn out to be a ruthless dictator and sadist, riding roughshod over the wills of people and commit appalling crimes to retain your authority. When the thumb is clubbed and extremely inflexible, the love for power may run amock leading to ruthless suppression of all those who pose a threat to your absolute power.
  • If the thumb is too stiff and located within very close range of the first finger, the craving for power may assume a pathological form and manifest itself in megalomaniac behavior. Self-love, vanity and boasting may govern your conduct.
  • In case the mount of Jupiter is deficient or depressed and the Jupiter finger is extremely short, it shows an antithesis of the developed mount delineating diametrically opposite personality characteristics. Such a person is likely to be very mean, ignoble and undignified with very low mentality, suffering from an inferiority complex. In extreme cases, the person may develop a strong propensity towards self-effacement and self-immolation. 


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