Head Line in Palmistry

Though all of the lines, great or small, are of equal importance and no one commands supremacy over the other, yet by virtue of the fact that the brain plays a significant role in the formation of human behavior and destiny, the line of head demands our closest attention.

Head Line in Palmistry

The head line helps us in understanding the aptitude or bent of mind of a person, their level of intelligence, inherent mental potentials, strengths and weaknesses, and all that is connected with their ego structure. For providing guidance and counseling in career planning and setting life's goals, the study of this line is of vital importance.

The following facts, in general, should be kept in mind while analyzing the head line:

Place of Origin and Termination

A too closely connected or too separated line at its origin from the life line is a negative mark. The former denotes an oversensitive and overcautious personality lacking courage and self-confidence, while the latter denotes a daredevil type of person lacking self-control and discipline.

The line originating from inside the mount of Mars (positive) also has a negative connotation denoting a quarrelsome disposition.

The head line dropping deeply into the mount of Luna or turning towards the mount of Mercury at its termination is not considered a good mark either.

Structure or Formation

A chained, weak, islanded or broken head line composed of fragments or unusually short, broad, and shallow, is a very negative mark to possess. A deep, clear, and flawless line is a mark of sound mental health and good intellect. A short, broad, and shallow head line is a mark of an uncultured individual.

Position or Location on Both Hands

f the head line looks better on the left hand than the right, it shows that the owner has failed to make use of their God-given gifts. If it looks better on the right than on the left it shows that the owner by dint of their own efforts and constructive planning has compensated for their inborn weaknesses and improved a lot. In left-handed people, the position is reversed.


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