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Fate Line from Wrist

If the Fate Line on your hand arises from the wrist or close to it and climbs straight up to the mount of Saturn (its natural place of termination) without any hindrance it denotes a well-established life and an exceptionally good fortune from a very young age indicating that:

Fate Line from Wrist
  1. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. From the very beginning, you were among the privileged few blessed with all that can help a man make an enviable beginning.
  2. Whatever you aspired for circumstances conspired to bring it within your reach and if there were some reversals, those were few and far between.
  3. Your success and prosperity will be enduring and long lasting, not just momentary. Throughout your whole life, you will enjoy periods of prolonged prosperity, immense wealth and material well-being.
  4. You will never be indebted or dependent on anyone. The few ups and downs in your life will be short-lived. You will march on the road to success and prosperity without any hindrance.
  5. Although God blesses you with all that constitutes a great destiny, it would be wrong to presume that the success you attain owes its origin entirely to strokes of good luck, parental role or inheritance. Your own efforts, planning, perseverance, prudence and determination will also play a predominant role.
  6. The objectives you set before yourself and the ideals you aspire for are sure to be realized not only luck favors you but because you are a man of merit, endowed with sufficient potentials to turn the wheel of fortune in your favor.
  7. The fruits of your labor will not be enjoyed by yourself alone but be shared by all those associated with you. In fact, you will become an instrument of providing livelihood to a considerable number of people.
  8. Such a magnificent, brilliant, ideal and exemplary Fate Line is, however, rare to be found. If found, it is necessarily accompanied by a brilliant Sun Line. The best phase of your destiny will be between the age of 35 to 60 during which your financial position will rise considerably. Your business will flourish, career receives a boost, social status enhanced and, if you get married, you will be blessed with children. An all-round success and good luck seems to await you.
  9. If, however, with such a brilliant Fate Line, all other lines are found broken, confused and crisscrossed and the Line of Sun is either nonexistent or made of fragments, inwardly you may be a very discontented individual; broken from within, worried, unhappy and depressed. You may have little peace of mind. The nature of your worries may pertain more to the spiritual, mental, emotional or social aspects of life than to the material.


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