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Fate Line in Palmistry

The line which usually travels vertically through the center of the palm from the bottom upward, is called the Line of Fate.

Fate Line in Palmistry

This line, in fact is the end product of all that may be available after plus and minus from what the other lines and signs of hand have to offer. It is, undoubtedly, the most mysterious and complex of all the marks requiring great skill and dexterity and a high sense of responsibility to be interpreted. Any hasty generalization may do incalculable harm to the client and bring a complete disillusionment to the reader as to the validity of this knowledge.

While the other lines on the palm highlight, primarily the mental or psychological make up of a person, the luck line is concerned mostly with destiny, interpreted commonly in material terms. Thus, if a person has a long, deep and well-defined luck line, free from cuts, breaks, islands or any blemish, they might be considered financially well-off, hence, very lucky. But such a definition is rather too narrow and superficial as it does not comprehend whether a materially well-off person is inwardly happy too.

As a matter of fact, this line, regardless of the external status, is a mark of contentment and, as such, a man with average means but good job adjustment and happy state of affairs may have it in good shape while a wealthy man with mental worries, health problems, an unhappy marital life or lack of job satisfaction might have it in bad shape; crisscrossed, broken, or islanded.

Traditionally speaking this line has been associated with the role which the element of fate or destiny plays in human life. It would, however, be wrong to presume that it has nothing to do with one's own doings. Indeed, the lines and signs which reveal one's personality traits too and vice versa.

It may be pointed out further that though this line provides some misty clues to the future, it would be indiscreet to give wild predictions and pronounce judgments on people's destinies as most of the traditional fortune tellers are used to doing. A scientific hand analyst, in the writer's opinion, presents a rational and logical views of all fate related material in human hand. 

While acknowledging that no one can comprehend the mysteries hidden in the womb of time, with absolute certainty, except God the Almighty, they proceed to present character-based reading of all the lines and signs including those pertaining to fate; and predict thereby the clients' future; maintaining that, what we commonly call luck or destiny, is nothing imposed from without but something emerging from within man,. As such, an individual, endowed with positive outlook, good capacity to cope with life's situations and sterling qualities of head and heart, possesses a well-defined fate line hence a person of destiny, while an individual possessing negative traits and unwholesome tendencies, has a crisscrossed, broken and defective fate line; hence ill-starred and unfortunate.

Here are some further points on the Fate Line:

  1.  There exists a deep but imperceptible relationship between a person's character and their luck or destiny as delineated by the analysis of the lines and signs of their hand.
  2. The dichotomy of the lines and signs on a human hand into that of character and luck is more apparent than real; almost all the lines, more or less, are character-oriented without distinction.
  3. If you can correctly comprehend the character traits and behavior pattern from a person's hand, you can correctly predict their future too.
  4. Though, by and large, such predictions prove fairly accurate, they are, by no means infallible as the element of probability does intrude into all matters involving human behavior.
  5. The lines of hand reflect not determine a person's luck or destiny; and if positive changes could be effected in their behavior and outlook, through proper education, socialization and motivation, a corresponding change would, automatically occur, not only in their luck or destiny but also in the lines and signs of his hand especially that of his right hand.
  6. There is more of a character reading in scientific hand analysis than fortune telling; hence there is little or no scope for fatalism and predeterminism as usually presumed. Man himself is the arbitrator and architect of his own fate, and, generally speaking, there exists a good deal of truth in the dictum that one's destiny lies in one's own hands.
  7. Nevertheless, experiences and observations do show, that certain lines and signs on a human hand visualize events and happenings, that have nothing to do with man's deeds and action. They come from without. Why does it happen so? Even the best of our philosophers fail to answer.
  8. An effort to explain, interpet and resolve the underlying mystery, is neither a sin nor ignorance as God has created nothing in vain. Sin lies in misinterpretation and misuse of knowledge detrimental to human wellbeing. In the hand of a pious and God-loving person this knowledge is a potential force to do an immense good, by providing guidance and counseling to people, in their psychosocial and emotional problems, while in the hands of an imposter and liar, it is an instrument of grave exploitation to hoodwink gullible victims for feathering one's own nest.


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